Wills Memorial Library

Hi there…I’m Baggam Karthik,

With Experience in Website Development, Website SEO, Technical SEO, Researching On Topics, Pay per click And Experimenting In other parts of Digital marketing. Currently working in a MNC on Google Advertisements. By heart am a mechanical engineer with love on automobiles, trains, airplanes, supercars and other mechanical machines. After becoming a graduate and understanding the working of all technical parts whenever I see a machine passing through my eyes see the heart of the machine. My friends have unknowingly made me teacher as I used to explain them the technicalities in some engineering topics. This triggered me, I may help others with the learning perspective, so I have started this blog.

I love to learn new things and implement them in practical scenarios. I like to work on different things which helps to open up the thoughts inside which in general we don’t think we have. When you have different works to do and organize your work, we can focus on each work equally.

You can contact me if you think I can be of service to you.

Thanks For Stepping By!!

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