What is an Immune system of a body?

Firstly, You should know about your Body immunity. An immune system is made up of special organs, cells and chemicals that fight infection. It consists of white blood cells, antibodies, complement system, lymphatic system, spleen, thymus, and bone marrow. These are the parts of your immune system that actively fight infection.

So, it is a natural gift that god has given us to fight back with any disease.

Organs of the immunity system

How immunity is developed in our body

The immune system protects the body from possibly harmful substances by recognizing and responding to antigens. Antigens are substances (usually proteins) on the surface of cells, viruses, fungi, or bacteria. Our system recognizes and destroys the substances that contain antigens.


Innate, or nonspecific, immunity is the defense system with which you were born. It involves barriers that keep harmful materials from entering your body. These barriers form the first line of defense in the immune response. Examples of innate immunity include:

  • Cough reflex
  • Enzymes in tears and skin oils
  • Mucus, which traps bacteria and small particles
  • Skin
  • Stomach acid

Innate immunity also comes in a protein chemical form, called innate humoral immunity. Examples include the body’s complement system and substances called interferon and interleukin-1 (which causes fever).

If an antigen gets past these barriers then, it is attacked and destroyed by other parts of the immune system.


Acquired immunity is immunity that develops with exposure to various antigens. Your immune system builds a defense against that specific antigen.


Passive immunity is due to antibodies that are produced in a body other than your own. Infants have passive immunity because they are born with antibodies that are transferred through the placenta from their mother.

These antibodies disappear between ages 6 and 12 months. This means that a mother should only give her milk after child’s delivery not any other milk. Woman becoming mothers in this generation are not willing to do that, i would request to do so for a child’s healthy growth.

Passive immunization may also be due to injection of antiserum, which contains antibodies that are formed by another person or animal.

It provides immediate protection against an antigen, but does not provide long-lasting protection. Therefore, Immune serum globulin (given for hepatitis exposure) and tetanus antitoxin are given to infants.

How to boost immunity through Natural ways

We should give our health the Foremost priority by giving the strong metabolism and immunity to our body, which makes us healthy to the core. Well, here are a few ways to boost immunity in a natural way to ensure that your body has everything to combat the external harshness. Those are ;-

Foods Rich In Vitamin D ;-

Vitamin D helps in fending off infections while it will shield from getting the infection. One of the best sources of obtaining Vitamin D is through daylight. Foods like salmon, fish, eggs, cheddar and mushrooms help in boosting the metabolism as well as the immunity. 

Vitamin D is an incredibly important vitamin, but it’s found in very few foods and is hard to obtain through diet alone.

As a large percentage of the world population is at risk of deficiency, vitamin D is one of the most common nutritional supplements.

Getting enough vitamin D is essential for your health, as studies indicate it may play a role in immune function, bone health, cancer prevention and more.

Taking vitamin D with a meal can enhance its absorption and increase blood levels more efficiently.

Therefore it may be best to get in the habit of taking your vitamin D supplement with a healthy breakfast And i would suggest avoid vitamin D intake at night as it interferes the sleep cycle.

In Addition, taking proper sleep, ditch the habits like smoking and drinking. Manage stress and stay optimally hydrated throughout the day.

Vitamin D Resources

Anti-Inflammatory Foods:-

Anti-Inflammatory Foods are actually fundamental in reinforcing resistance levels in the body. Foods like Turmeric, tomatoes, olive oil, ginger, fish oil, walnuts, blueberries and foods rich in Omega-3 help in improving immunity and prevents from various ailments.

An anti-inflammatory diet may serve as a complementary therapy for many conditions that become worse with chronic inflammation.

The following conditions involve inflammation:

  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • psoriasis
  • asthma
  • eosinophilic esophagitis
  • Crohn’s disease
  • colitis
  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • lupus
  • Hashimoto’s disease
  • metabolic syndrome

Therefore, Have a combination of these foods not a particular anti-inflammatory food will give you the required nutrients.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Fibre-Rich Foods:-

The fibrous foods actually help in giving the body essential nutrients for strengthening immunity. Foods like yogurt, spinach, almonds, green tea, sunflower seeds and citrus foods are a must to include in the diet.

Above all are packed with vitamins and minerals that replenish the body with adequate supplements.

Fiber is an important nutrient that may promote weight loss, lower blood sugar levels and fight constipation.

Most people don’t meet the recommended daily intake of 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men.

Therefore, Try adding some of the foods from the above list to your diet to easily increase your fiber intake.

Fiber Rich Items

Finally, i would suggest to have Combination of these diets to increase your body immunity as this is what an healthy lifestyle means avoid junk foods to the maximum as it effects very hard on to our immunity.

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