All the details that am sharing here about Coronavirus Pandemic Covid-19 are verified with doctor. I have done all the part of my research responsibly and taken utmost care in passing only the valid information.

What is a Corona Virus?

It is not a living organism. It is a genetic organism having a fat boundary in a circular shape with a numerous crowns (like structure). It’s a class of viruses which attack the respiratory system. Even the virus causing common cold is a Coronavirus.


What is pandemic ?

Nowadays, we are coming across this term most Frequently. Normally, if a virus spreads and affects the people in one particular area then it is called Epidemic. 
If the virus affects the people across the borders, continents and other countries then it is called pandemic.

Some of the pandemic viruses are :-

How Coronavirus Pandemic came in to existence?

Actual Name of the Coronavirus is SARS COV2(corona virus-2 – SARS because it is having maximum similarities with this virus), the disease name is COVID-19 (corona virus disease-2019)

It is a respiratory virus, we have numerous kinds of respiratory viruses like influenza, mumps, measles, rubella.
Corona virus has a family and few of them had attacked the human mankind much before, those are :-

  • 1918- Spanish Flu (1918 flu pandemic) – Bird( Host)- Europe – 5 Crore Deaths
  • 1920- HIV AIDS – chimpanzee (Host) – Congo – 3 lakh People Every year
  • 1976- Ebola Virus – Monkey (Host) – Sudan – 11,310 Deaths
  • 1997- Bird Flu – Water Dowel Bird (Host) – Hong Kong – No Confirmed Human Deaths
  • 2002- SARS – Cat (Host) – China – 774 Deaths
  • 2009- Swine Flu (H1N1) – Pig (Host)- Not Certain – 18,036 Deaths
  • 2012- MERS – Camel (Host) – Saudi Arabia -525 Deaths
  • 2020 – Coronavirus – Pangolin (intermediate host B/W Bat – Primary Host) – China

Here, Pangolin is the most smuggled mammal. This is been consumed by china people at a large scale and it’s been used as a traditional medicine also.

These mammals ( Bats and Pangolin )were there are at the Wuhan wet market (it is one of the biggest meat market in China) and there is a debate that this virus was originated from that market.

How does this Coronavirus Pandemic effect people and how is it different from other viruses?

As I said, it is a genetic organism with a fat boundary in circular motion with protein spikes all around ( like crowns).


This organism after entering the lung cell (Alveolar), the spike having ACE ( a type of receptor means Angiotensin receptor) will sit on the cell and dissolves in the fat capsules, then leaves the genetic material there. This genetic material tells the lung cell factory that it is owned by me and starts repackaging the whole cells with this genetics, within in no time makes numerous number of virus cells. That means, it’s using the lung cell as a factory for it’s virus cell production. Then, that cell breaks and all the virus cells comes out making the lungs to stop working.

” This is how the virus works in the human body.”

What are the modes of transmission for this virus?

For any infectious diseases there will be a common modes of transmission, like :-

  1. Droplets
  2. Aerosol – Air borne
  3. Direct contact
  4. Indirect contact – Fomites
  5. Feco- oral
  6. Mother and child

Droplets :-

While coughing, sneezing and talking from our mouth the droplets directly injects to other person. These are >0.5 microns is the weight of the particles. It falls under 3-4 feet (1 metre) from the mouth, for COVID-19 it is most dangerous transmission ( Around 80%) for that we use masks to stop this transmit.

Aerosol :-

These particles are <0.5 microns in weight so they can travel more in Air. It is not major like tuberculosis.

Direct Contact :-

These are transmitted by sex, blood products like HIV AIDS.

Indirect Contact ( Fomites) :-

Inanimate objects, this takes an important role in spreading the virus. For example, if I have corona and am using a pen, after coughing I have touched that pen and given to another person then, if he after holding the pen he puts his hands or fingers on his face or in eyes then he will get affected. For that only people are directed to wash the hands almost after evry 2 hours.

Feco-Oral :-

If the toilets are not cleaned properly, after coming from there if you have not cleaned your hands properly and the particles are in your nails. From nails it goes into mouth then it is called feco-oral.

Mother To Child :-

If from mother’s wombs’ virus transfers to child (with feoutus ).

Here the main transmissions are droplets and indirect contact for that only doctors have directed for putting the masks with social distancing and washing hands.

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus Pandemic?

  • Fever – if fever is over 100 degrees, then you need to go for check up.
  • Dry cough – it will be like common
  • Breathlessness – it’s the most important as in general whenever we have cold we don’t feel like this. So it is a very serious issue.
  • Diarrhea – in very rare cases.
  • Loss of smell and taste.

If these symptoms are not getting Under Control and are worsening day by day then you need to consult a doctor and undergo checkup for coronavirus.

What are the vulnerable groups who should be extra careful?

  • Diabetes patients
  • Pregnant women
  • Heart Patients
  • Lever transplant patients
  • People On steroids

All these groups be extra careful for at least 3 months in the current situation.

Why is it that, people in other countries like Italy, Spain are seeing more deaths compared to India?

  • As per studies, Coronavirus Pandemic has two strains. One is L strain and other one is S strain.
  • We got less vinalent strain so somewhat we are lucky.
  • As per International centre for genetic engineering and biotechnology ( Delhi), they have came to a conclusion that In Indian’s we have HSA micro RNA -27B gene is there. This gene is helping to fight the corona cell by not letting the corona spike to sit in the lung cell.
  • India has higher youth compared to rest of the world.
  • And Some studies say that all the Indians have malaria immunity in their body, so we have more immunity.
  • Making this decision of locking down the whole country at early stages has helped us to handle the Coronavirus Pandemic Virus spread very well.
  • And Mainly Italy has older population and 80% of corona deaths were above 60 yrs. This is the reason we have more deaths in Italy.

Are Smokers and tobacco users at higher risk of COVID-19 Infection?

As Per WHO, Smokers are likely to be more vulnerable to COVID-19 as the act of smoking means that fingers (and possibly contaminated cigarettes) are in contact with lips which increases the possibility of transmission of virus from hand to mouth. Smokers may also already have lung disease or reduced lung capacity which would greatly increase risk of serious illness.

Smoking products such as water pipes often involve the sharing of mouth pieces and hoses, which could facilitate the transmission of Coronavirus Pandemic COVID-19 in communal and social settings.

Conditions that increase oxygen needs or reduce the ability of the body to use it properly will put patients at higher risk of serious lung conditions such as pneumonia.

What are the stages for any pandemic?

There are four stages for any pandemic;-

  1. Imported – From there it didn’t came here.
  2. Local spread – if the virus came from Wuhan to here then it is in local spread stage. 
  3. Community spread ( clusters )- If the virus spreads within the community here itself then it is a community spread. This is most dangerous of all. For that only our Indian government has taken the decision of lock down to overcome this stage.
  4. Heard immunity- when the virus is used to us then it is called Heard Immunity.

What is Quarantine?

If you are exposed to virus now then within 5 days you should get fever, cold, cough or breathlessness.

If Not then it is fine.

According to Johns Hopkins study, 98% of the people will get the symptoms in 12 days.

Average incubation period is 14 days.

If at any point of day during this incubation period you show the symptoms then you have to be quarantined in hospital.

If after 15 days your symptoms are getting reduced then you are fine but after that also there is a one chance of getting affected again even after 40 days in 1 of the 100 cases.

Prevention for Coronavirus Pandemic;-

1. Droplets – Transferring of droplets from the infected person to the other person through mouth, nostrils and eyes. The virus will come inside the body and sit in the mucous.

To avoid this we have to maintain 1 metre distance that is called social distancing.

2. Contact Hands – Instead greeting through shaking hands we should use our traditional way of greeting by “Joining your Hands ” and saying Namastey.

3. Fomites – Inonimates objects like cellphones, tablets, furniture, door knobs, lift buttons etc. Sanitize every object that you gonna touch.

Strategies in controlling pandemic:-

1. Containment – Holding the virus at one place it is called containment.For that we have to

  •  Identify the virus affected people.
  • Then we have control them.
  • isolate them at one place.

Countries who have done this strictly are Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Hongkong.

2. Mitigation – Flatening the curve with protective measures, will make the curve flat by reducing the spread.

For that we have toa. Test more number of people.b. Contact tracingc. Quarantine and isolation.

United States is following this strategy.

3. Suppression :- It is total lockdown that makes everyone to stay at home. Our Indian government has taken this situation daringly to avoid the spread of the virus at rapid pace.Here, social distancing comes into picture.

Lockdown Discussions :-

  • For every death 800 infected people are there in the country.
  • One COVID-19 affected person can infect 3 people that is called R- Knot.
  • Well prepared countries death – 1% like india    Ill prepared countries death -5 to 8 % like United States and Italy.
  • Countries that act fast death toll is decreased by 10%.
  • As per epidemiological studies, One day late lockdown adds to 20000 infected cases.
  • In 1918, United States was affected with flu epidemic Saint Louis has ordered lockdown – 5% death were recorded.
  • Philidaphea didn’t took measures -25% deaths were recorded. Later philidaphea also ordered lockdown after 1 week. 

What to do in Lockdown?

I have seen many people telling me, that they are getting bored by sitting at home. 
I would say it’s an opportunity that God has gifted to increase the bond between your family and your children. As, in our busy lives we hardy Spend time with them with our families( parents, Spouses, children) due to work stress. So, I would suggest to Spend time with them. This will never make you bore trust me.

We have numerous things to do like, reading books that’s so common I know but choosing the right book is also a task. If you are aspiring or looking for motivational books or some have different interests like learning technical things depending on your taste subscribe to ebooks or if you have a library of books then do that. It will increase your vocabulary, knowledge and thinking power.

I know some people will be depressed for some or the other things specially about the career which is the ultimate goal of anyone.

So, people who have no clarity or don’t have a plan to work on, this is the time for that I would suggest just take sometime by sitting in a room and think about yourself and write those points on a board and then link them. Depending on the points that you have sorted your route map will automatically be visible. Those points are like leads for you to your goal work on them.

You can also learn new languages which is fun as well as knowledgeable thing to do, other people may watch YouTube videos for technical knowledge, cooking classes or recipes for some foodies and more.

At Last, we have to pledge ourselves that we will stay safe by staying at home and as well as making others safe.

People who are working from home during this lock down, i have written a blog for efficient working at home.


For Corona Virus Live Updates

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