Learning is acquisition of knowledge or skills through study (through reading techniques), experience or the things which have being taught.

For remembering the study or topics for longer period of time, I would suggest self learning.

Self Learning Technique :-

Self learning technique enhances the boundary of memorizing and also gives better scope of receiving the knowledge.

I personally follow these self learning technique, It gives you a route map to learn anything from basics to becoming a professional.

It is basically experiencing from the same thought process of what the topic is been written from or made. In this way, your scope of grasping the knowledge becomes easy.

Process Of Self Learning :-

In process of self learning, you may sometimes get shortcuts for the same topic in a better way and can apply it to get efficient result in some cases.

Basically by repeatedly practicing it you can also excel fast learning. Whenever a topic or study is to be made first analyze, why, when and where it was made so you can get the core of the study or topic.

Then, apply self learning, am sure you will be able to memorize or acquire knowledge fast.

Finally, Am sure that this technique will help you to increase the scope of grasping the knowledge. For today’s young generation it will be a powerful tool for gaining knowledge at a faster pace.

I would recommend for your kids to not only have book knowledge instead learn more things from others books and internet.

Learning is a never ending process and somethings are their which takes lot of time for us to understand in life.

But some of the brilliant authors write their experience in the form of books and publish it and one of the book which I would recommend is ” The Psychology Of Money ” by Morgan Housel. He condenses a lifetime of thinking about wealth, greed and happiness into twenty short lessons, each of which strips away all of the complexity and focuses only on the core behaviors that lead to long-term success.

One of the favorite book that I would suggest would be ” Attitude Is Everything ” by Jeff Keller. Here the author tries to teach us that success begins in the mind. Every human being has the power to choose his attitude.

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Academia · 15 October 2020 at 3:52 pm

I do recommend self learning techniques as mention here. It gives people a routemap to learn from basics to become a professional.

    Karthik Baggam · 16 October 2020 at 9:37 am

    Thank you so much 🙂

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